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Kamis, 10 Januari 2019

Ear Pain Caused By These Things

Ear pain can be caused by infection in one part of the ear, but there are some other conditions that can cause ear pain or feels uncomfortable. Anatomy of the ear consists of three main parts, namely the Middle, outside, and inside. This whole section has the role of each to make you able to hear fine.

The failure of one part can make the hearing impaired. When a disruption occurs in the ear, disturbance of balance. If the feel of hearing loss or pain in the ears, you may experience one of the following conditions.

Ear infections
Infection of the ear usually occurs in the middle ear. Infection of the middle ear occurs when the eustachian ear channels being closed or swollen due to the buildup of fluid in the middle ear. This obstruction can be caused by colds, allergies, sinus infections, smoking, and excessive mucus. The disorder usually afflicts children. About 75 percent of children under the age of 3 years never suffer from this disorder.

Decreased hearing, pain on the inside of the ears, and out of liquid resembling pus from the ear are some of the symptoms. Although mild infection can disappear by itself, you can deal with some of the following ways.
  • Free medications, such as ibuprofen, decongestants, or acetaminophen.
  • Use ear drops to relieve the pain.
  • Placing a warm cloth on the infected ear.
  • However, it is recommended to checked the ears to a doctor if you experience pain is not subsiding. The doctor will probably give you an antibiotic to cure ear infections.
Sounds that are too tight can be one of the main causes of tinnitus, so that can be done is as far as possible avoid sound too hard, such as the volume of the TV, the sound of a musical instrument, or heavy vehicles.

Meniere's Disease
The condition generally occurs on one ear can be due to abnormality of fluid in the inner ear that causes sudden vertigo. Dizzy spins which come suddenly and tinnitus are two main symptoms. The disease commonly experienced by people aged 40-50 years is generally treated with drugs to treat vertigo, a shot at the middle part of the ear, or surgery. But of course this procedure can only be performed by a specialist.

Ear Barotrauma
This condition is an injury to the ear due to changes in water pressure when someone driving on the mountain, traveling by plane, or do dives at a certain depth. Loss of hearing, ear feels dead end, pain, and also head of the main symptoms is important.

In some cases, ear pain can cause loss of hearing, e.g. due to aging, exposure to noise, trauma, and certain drugs. Considering the rentannya the ear against the above disturbances, it is worth observing how that can be done to preserve the health of the ear. To avoid risks-the risk of worse, immediately checking the ears to the doctor'S ENT (ear, nose, throat) so the feel of the hearing loss.

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