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Kamis, 01 November 2018

Mouth Tasted Sour Turns Out Could Be A Symptom Of This Disease

The mouth feels acid can occur at anytime and in everyday situations with a variety of causes. This condition can be felt after coughing, after eating, or because of other reasons. If not triggered a serious case, the mouth feels acid occurs only while and may disappear by itself.

Humans can identify the taste of small molecules which are released when he was drinking, chewing, and food processing. This is the molecule that stimulates nerves in the mouth knowledge which will then transmit the signal to the brain that will identify one of sweet, bitter, sour, salty, and umami (savory).

Disorders of the body turns can cause interference on this mechanism. Sensory nerves of taste through the nasal cavity. If there is an obstruction of the nasal cavity and head, then the body's sensitivity to detect the taste will also be disrupted. According to a general practitioner, a sour taste in the mouth can be one of the symptoms that accompany serious illness. Below are some of the possible causes of mouth feels the acid should be recognized.

Consumption of certain drugs. Good free drug or prescribed the doctor can influence the taste in the mouth. Antibiotics such as tetracycline, lithium to treat psychiatric disorders, antidepressants, or allopurinol, absorbed the body and out through the saliva. Such drug-free drug fever, multivitamins with zinc, copper or chromium, as well as pregnancy vitamins containing calcium and iron can also lead to similar things. Note dosages consumption to reduce the risk of mouth tasted sour.
  • The consumption of acidic food or specific products such as cigarettes.
  • Oral health and hygiene is not maintained. The omission of brushing your teeth regularly may cause teeth and gums are more at risk of experiencing a tooth infection, gingivitis, or periodontitis which can make the mouth tasted sour. This condition may subside by itself so the infection managed.
  • Upper respiratory tract infection, sinusitis, or flu can also create mouth tasted sour because of difficulty recognizing taste food.
  • Cancer treatment involving radiation and chemotherapy can also make patients experienced mouth tasted sour.
  • Pregnancy can bring about certain changes in the physique of pregnant women, including mouth tasted sour.
  • Dementia sufferers often experience impaired sensory taster because sensation is felt on the tongue is not well connected to the brain through nerves. Nervous disorders in the brain can make this organ was wrong to interpret stimuli so as to make the mouth tasted sour.
  • Exposure to chemicals that are inhaled like lead or mercury can increase the risk of mouth tasted sour.
  • Diseases of the stomach acid/gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or disease is the solar plexus pain behind the breastbone that feels constantly. This pain is usually felt after a person wakes up from a reclining position, bend forward, or after a meal. However, people who experience GERD did not always feel pain. In addition to the pain, mouth tasted sour is the other symptoms that can accompany GERD. This condition is generally triggered by the rising of stomach acid into the esophagus.
  • Diseases of the mouth like dry mouth can also make your mouth drool deficiency increases the risk of mouth tasted sour.
  • Dysgeusia is impaired ability to identify flavor due to infections such as the flu or sinusitis, inflammation, environmental factors, or injury. Other disorders, hypogeusia is the reduced ability to feel the fifth difference taste. While the inability to detect the taste is ageusia.
  • Infection of the middle ear. An infection in the middle ear is often followed by inflammation of the nose and sinus cavities if not handled properly. This can trigger a sensation less comfortable as a sour taste on the sense of taste.
  • Nervous disorders. The signal is processed in the senses of taste sensations the brain, mouth sensation felt acid without a clear cause or often appear suddenly, it could be a sign of the presence of abnormalities in the brain.
The perception of taste is a subjective sensation for some people. However, the inability to detect a particular flavour or there is an uncomfortable sensation on the sense of taste is a condition that needs to be consulted with a doctor. If not immediately treated, disorders of the senses it can lead to a decreased taste quality of life.

But in addition, there are simple ways that can be done to eliminate it while like gargling with mouthwash and always keep clean the teeth and mouth. The best way to overcome this condition is addressing the causes of mouth tasted sour with checked myself to the doctor.

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