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Minggu, 14 Oktober 2018

Sweating During Sleep Could Be A Sign Of Disease

Sweating during sleep or in the night can be a sign that You have a disease. In fact, sweat can be flowed to clothes and bedding soaked. These conditions need to look out for, especially if it occurred even while you sleep dressed in a thin, without a blanket or bed linen and room ambience is cool.

Sweating during sleep, generally due to certain diseases or consumption of drugs. To find the cause, consult your doctor. The doctor will check your medical history and perform some kind of test to ensure the inconvenience caused. There are several diseases that cause you to sweat during sleep or even all night long. These diseases are:

Menopause is not a disease, belongs indeed except occur prematurely, is a normal phase in a woman's body with regard to the process of aging and hormonal changes. Generally occur in women aged about 50 years, preceded the symptoms of menstruation irregular during perimenopause. One of the signs of menopause is hot flashes, that sensation of heat on the body. The taste of this heat which can cause sweating during sleep.

Hypoglycemia is a condition where blood sugar levels low, especially common in diabetics. The use of drugs to control blood sugar in people with diabetes, certain conditions can cause hypoglycemia that often arise at night at the time of sleep accompanied by body issued a cold sweat. There are several diseases that cause infection you experience sweating during sleep or while in the evening. Some of them are osteomyelitis (bone infection), endocarditis (inflammation of the heart), abscesses, and one of the most commonly found are infectious tuberculosis (TB).

The body could have excessive sweating every day, including during the night and during sleep. Unfortunately causes the occurrence of excessive sweating is not known for sure. In the world of health, this condition is called idiopathic hiperhidrosis, where overactive sweat glands work without a clear reason, causing the person's very easy sweating. Sometimes the condition of any hormone disorder showed symptoms of excess sweating bodies, including at night. One of the annoyances of the hormone in question is hyperthyroidism.

Night sweats could be an early symptom of cancer. There are several different types of cancer that shows these symptoms, especially the type of lymphoma. However, these symptoms are usually followed by other symptoms, such as prolonged or repeated fever and weight loss of unknown cause.

Consumption of Medication and the condition of other causes
As presented above, certain medications can also make the body sweating during sleep. There are a variety of drugs that can cause body sweating, for example, medication antidepressants and medications for lowering fevers such as paracetamol.

In addition, the causes of sweating while sleeping can also be associated with regards to lifestyle. For example, the consumption of spicy foods or hot drinks before bed, as well as work out ahead of time. And of course the sweating during sleep can be caused by the heat of the room temperature. To prevent it, avoid the things leading up to bedtime.

Sweating during sleep or excess sweat at night, it does not always indicate the presence of disorder, but should remain wary, especially when this happens repeatedly and consecutively without any obvious cause. Immediately checked myself to the doctor to get information and proper handling.

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